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Arcadia Mini UVB Avian Light Kit

Arcadia Mini UVB Avian Light Kit

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This mini UVB kit comes complete with UVB bulb, holder and reflector, and is a great solution for both small cages and bird rooms.

The kit is easy to fit and by using the link cables to connect up to 10 Arcadia mini kits to just one power supply is ideal for larger rooms

It provides high quality, full spectrum +UVB light, essential to the natural production of Vitamin D3. Unlike ineffective LED systems the Arcadia 'Bird Lamp' boasts a gentle 2.4% UVB which will, if used as directed, help to both activate natural colour vision and cause the production of the essential Vitamin D3 within the body in a safe and regulated way.

The Arcadia 8w bird fitting is easy to use and easy to fit. It is a low energy product and is small enough to create areas of light and shade within most standard cages.

As always the high quality German made lamp is guaranteed to be UVB potent for 12 whole months and is easy to change at the end of this period.

See our further information on the importance of lighting to your bird's health

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