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Arcadia Pure-Sun Compact Bird Lamp

Arcadia Pure-Sun Compact Bird Lamp

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Arcadia Pure-Sun Compact Bird Lamp - The updated Arcadia E27 Compact Bird Lamp re-designed and re-branded for 2019


  • 4% UVB and 30% UVA for optimal avian use
  • Providing correct UV levels can improve feeding and breeding behaviour
  • Electronic - zero flicker, even to the eyes of the bird
  • UV potent for one whole year of use
  • Fits directly into any household bulb socket (E27), meaning that it can easily be mounted over the cage using a suitable standard lamp, or wall mounted lamp fitting
  • The light produced is of the same spectrum and same UV content as a fluorescent tube form of bird lamp
  • Energy saving lamp - runs at 20W, but the output is equivalent to a regular 100W bulb

Using the latest German technology Arcadia have made a few improvements for your birds’ requirements - The Arcadia Pure-Sun Bird Lamp now benefits from:

  • Updated UV-B passing glass
  • 100% UV-C protection
  • German Phosphors
  • Higher CRI
  • Improved electronics
  • Updated safety features

See our further information on the importance of lighting to your bird's health



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