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Pari Compact2 Nebuliser

Pari Compact2 Nebuliser

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Suitable for the administration of medication and treatment products (such as the F10® Antiseptic Solution) through nebulisation for all animals and birds.


Aerosol Characteristics

(PARI COMPACT2 Compressor in combination with the included PARI LC PLUS Nebuliser)

 Total Output Rate  440 mg/min 
 MMD (mass median diameter)   3.6 µm
 Mass percentage below 5µm  67%

Measurement with the Helos SympaTec at 23°C and 50% relative humidity. Nebulised medium: 0.9% NaCl (5 ml). Inspiratory flow 20 l/min.

PARI COMPACT 2 Compressor data

 Alternating current  220-240V~ / 50Hz 
 Pressure  1.2 bar
 Weight  1.55kg
 Housing dimensions (W x H x D)   18.5 x 13 x 15cm
 Nebuliser well maximum fill  8ml



PARI recommends that you replace certain components of your nebuliser if the device is used regularly.

To make this easier, we offer convenient PARI Year Packs. These contain all of the individual parts that must be replaced at least once a year, which are:

  • nebuliser (this is the part that attaches to the tubing and a mouthpiece can be attached too - the main unit is called the compressor)
  • connection tubing
  • filter

We have Year Packs available for the model shown - PARI COMPACT2 (item no. 022G3511); and for the previous model - PARI COMPACT (item no. 022G8107).

Please take care to order the correct Year Pack as the filters are different.

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